Finn At School: the Saga Continues

We had a follow-up meeting this afternoon at school with the “team” to discuss how things have been going since some new strategies have been implemented to address Finn’s negative behaviors since our last meeting three weeks ago.  The main purpose of the meeting was for the “team” to inform us that Finn will not […]

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In Pursuit of Educational Utopia

I’m still trying to figure out the best approach to homeschooling for our family.  I’ve only begun to realize that for most homeschooling families it’s an ever-evolving undertaking.  Very few, if any, jump into homeschooling and immediately figure out a path that works well for them and suits their particular goals, philosophies, and lifestyle for […]

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Education and Life

My views about education continue to evolve.  The more I read – and experience through my kids – the more repelled I become by conventional school.  I seriously believe that it’s causing great harm to kids, and in turn, to society.  Our narrow views of what success looks like, and how that feeds into how […]

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Finn at School

I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts recently that Finn’s first grade year so far has been difficult.  He’s exhibiting a lot of negative behaviors at school – which are mainly annoying and disruptive – which result in his frequent removal from the classroom.  It’s been extremely frustrating, stressful, and disheartening to receive almost nothing […]

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Ahhh, Oregon … or, To Move or Not to Move?

Michael and I flew up to Portland this past weekend.  It was an incredibly brief trip – we left here Saturday morning and got back Sunday evening, so we were only on the ground in Oregon for a little more than 24 hours.  It was all we could swing for now time-wise. So, we touched […]

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Musical Rooms

Lots of changes happening on the homestead. Kevin moved out of the bedroom he’s been in for the last ten years (and shared with Joey for the last eight years) and into the spare bedroom down in the basement (I use the term “basement” loosely, as the bottom floor of our house is only partially […]

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What Does Inclusion Actually Mean?

One of the favorite laments of my kids is, “It’s not fair!” when one of their siblings gets something they aren’t getting.  I always respond with, “‘Fair’ doesn’t mean everyone gets the same things.  ‘Fair’ means everyone gets what they need.”  It seems a simple enough concept, based in common sense. The concept of fairness […]

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A Crisis in Midlife

I’m being laid out by a serious funk lately.  It’s strange … it just sort of descended on me out of the blue.  A week ago, I really was pretty fine, frazzled as usual, but chugging along with fairly good cheer.  And then a few days ago it was like this cloud descended on me […]

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Another One Bites the Dust

I wrote not long ago that in my ongoing quest for inclusive activities for Finn, I had enrolled him in a karate class. Today I broke up with them. So, it lasted about a month. I had such high hopes, as I do every time I’ve found a new activity for him to be a […]

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