More Cardio

Last Thursday morning, I went in for a Cardiac Imaging Stress Test.  Michael stayed home with Scarlett and Lilah, and I actually managed to get some school done with Lilah before my appointment. I was given strict instructions to have nothing to eat for six hours prior to my appointment, and absolutely no caffeine or […]

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I had an appointment with a cardiologist this morning.  It probably goes without saying that the last several days have been a time of high anxiety for me, living with this sudden fear that I might drop dead of a heart attack at any second.  And of course, the stress and anxiety of all of […]

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Be Still My Heart

Trying to make light of something that I’m really not feeling humorous about. No news, really.  I saw my GP this morning, and he took a whole health history from me.  Asked me all about my dad, seeing that he died of a heart attack at 51.  Asked if I smoke, and I said no, […]

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Maybe I’m Dying.

Ahh, I remember the good old days, when my blog was just a humble dumping ground where I would vent and whine.  You know, before I started taking on social issues and trying my darndest to sound credible and not hysterical. Well, today, my blog is reverting back to dumping ground status.  Just for today.  […]

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Vaccines: The Credibility Problem

Wait, I’m not done yet. Because I’m a sucker for punishment, I feel compelled to write further on this topic that usually leads to my being virtually tarred and feathered. I feel like there is so little effort to understand and empathize with people like me who have chosen against the recommended vaccines for their […]

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Homeschooling: What I’ve learned So Far

Lilah and I are nearly four months into our homeschooling adventure, and things are going relatively well.  We have our ups and downs, and I’ve learned that ups and downs are just part of the deal, as with anything else. Last I wrote, back in December, I was having a lot of reservations about the […]

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Vaccines: How Far Are We Going to Take This?

Every time I think I’m done talking about this, I hear or read something else that compels me to say a little more.  I’ve been itching to write about our continued homeschooling adventures, but the vaccine “discussion” seems to be drowning everything else out at the moment. As with many things I write about, I’m […]

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Vaccine Wars: Can We All Just Get a Grip, Please?

The recent measles outbreak originating at Disneyland has revved the vaccine debate up once again, and it’s getting uglier than ever.  Why? Because people thrive on fear and fear-mongering, and because people want to believe that they know what’s best for not only themselves, but for everyone else, too.  A lynch mob mentality is taking […]

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Let’s Try Tumbling

I wrote a while back about a dance class in which I had enrolled Finn.  In the end, it wasn’t a good fit.  He went for a few weeks, and then we dropped out for a few reasons.  Although it was a class specifically for kids with special needs, I was never completely comfortable with […]

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