Better Mothers

I continue to be perplexed by mothers who pass harsh judgement against other mothers.  I remain baffled as to how anyone can presume to know how anyone else should be carrying out the job of mothering.  Where does this air of superiority come from?  Basic psychology would tell us that superiority complexes generally come from […]

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Losing Him

Last night I found myself closed in the bathroom, crying my eyes out.  Big, ugly tears, my body shaking as I sat on the side of the tub. I’m losing my son, and I don’t know how to bear it. I know, it’s silly; he’s just growing up (not dying, or going off to war, […]

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Real Inclusion vs. Charity

My friend Tara wrote this really excellent post, Disability and Friendship, and it brings up some things I’ve observed since Finn started kindergarten last month. A lot of people just think it’s so neat that Finn is in regular kindergarten.  Neighbors see me walking him to school in the morning and they’ll say things like, […]

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Activities Director

There was a time when I reveled in the fact that my kids weren’t involved in a lot of extracurricular activities.  I wasn’t going to be one of those moms constantly hauling kids to this activity and that.  My kids were happy and perfectly fine trashing the house, beating the crap out of each other, […]

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Pharmacological Living

I went out on a limb and wrote recently about teens and depression, and how that has touched my life personally.  It’s a fine line to walk, wanting to talk openly about something that still carries such stigma, while also recognizing that someone’s privacy is involved.  So, I’m trying to tread carefully. In any case […]

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Teens and Depression

When Kevin was two, I got my first pair of tattoos: two butterflies symbolizing me and him and the changes we were going through together in the aftermath of his dad’s death.  We were free, and we would grow together, me leading the way. Kevin has always held a special place in my heart.  In […]

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Back to School

Well, that’s it – summer’s over.  Summer break, anyway.  The kids go back to school tomorrow morning.  It hardly seems possible that ten weeks came and went that quickly – like a flash of lightning. Kevin is embarking on his final year of high school.  There’s so much I could say about that . . […]

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