Teens and Depression

When Kevin was two, I got my first pair of tattoos: two butterflies symbolizing me and him and the changes we were going through together in the aftermath of his dad’s death.  We were free, and we would grow together, me leading the way. Kevin has always held a special place in my heart.  In […]

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Back to School

Well, that’s it – summer’s over.  Summer break, anyway.  The kids go back to school tomorrow morning.  It hardly seems possible that ten weeks came and went that quickly – like a flash of lightning. Kevin is embarking on his final year of high school.  There’s so much I could say about that . . […]

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Travel Log

So, as I mentioned, we were up in Mammoth Lakes with the kids for a few days.  The last time we took a family vacation was the summer before I got pregnant with Scarlett, and even then our family had reached proportions that made road trips pretty much our only travel option.  Scarlett put us […]

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Missing Child

We’re up here in Mammoth Lakes – our first family vacation in three years.  We drove all day and arrived yesterday evening.  It’s lovely up here – very rustic, scenic and small town.  Hopefully I’ll have some good photos to share at a later date. We’re renting a condo.  This morning Michael took the five […]

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Class and Privilege

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I had a conversation that went something like this: He asked me, “What’s minimum wage?  Eight, nine bucks an hour?” “Eight, I think,” I said (it’s actually recently been raised to nine bucks an hour here in California). “So, if Kevin worked full-time, he would be making like […]

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Look Who’s Six

Birthday season is in full swing at our house.  Yesterday Finn turned six. I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write about Finn.  It seems that so much of the time when I write about him, I’m writing about Down syndrome.  It’s true that Finn and Down syndrome are inexorably intertwined, but he’s a boy […]

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