Screw the “Selfish” Crap Already

Someone posted this gem on Facebook recently.  I won’t even go into the whole working mothers vs. stay-at-home mothers thing – that it’s still a thing in this day and age is absurd.  The author covers that, and I have little to add. What I want to talk about is this whole notion of selfishness […]

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Six Days Post-op

This morning I had the second drain removed, as well as the lipo sutures and all dressings.  I was able to take a proper shower for the first time in a week, and it was pretty glorious. According to the doctor, everything looks normal, and the healing is going as expected.  Curiously, I find myself […]

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Four Days Post-op

I feel like shit. It’s probably not cool to be a whiny baby when you’ve had elective surgery; after all, you chose this, for the sake of vanity, and not for the sake of health. Still, I’ll say it: I feel like shit.  I’m just going to be completely honest, in case anyone is following […]

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It’s been two days since my surgery.  Seems like a lot longer. So, Michael and I arrived at the surgery center at 5:oo a.m. on Tuesday.  They took me back to pre-op around 6:00.  I was terribly nervous, and I kept thinking, “Am I really doing this?  I can’t believe I’m really doing this.”  Everybody […]

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Two weeks ago I was terrified that I might drop dead of a heart attack at any second.  Tomorrow, I’m getting a tummy tuck and a boob job.  It’s a strange life, I tell you. So, everything came back on my blood work normal, except that I did get a call from the cosmetic surgeon […]

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Going Ahead

One really good thing that came out of the ordeal I went through over the last couple of weeks being tested for heart issues is that it forced me to find a new GP.  I never established a working relationship with the GP I’ve been with for the last few years, and that whole situation […]

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All Clear

So, apparently I’m going to live.  At least for a while. What a freaking ordeal.  The last couple of weeks have been just a blur of fear and anxiety, and waiting, waiting, waiting. Day before yesterday, I went back to the cardiologist’s office for an echocardiogram (basically, an ultrasound of the heart, for the uninitiated).  […]

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More Cardio

Last Thursday morning, I went in for a Cardiac Imaging Stress Test.  Michael stayed home with Scarlett and Lilah, and I actually managed to get some school done with Lilah before my appointment. I was given strict instructions to have nothing to eat for six hours prior to my appointment, and absolutely no caffeine or […]

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I had an appointment with a cardiologist this morning.  It probably goes without saying that the last several days have been a time of high anxiety for me, living with this sudden fear that I might drop dead of a heart attack at any second.  And of course, the stress and anxiety of all of […]

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Be Still My Heart

Trying to make light of something that I’m really not feeling humorous about. No news, really.  I saw my GP this morning, and he took a whole health history from me.  Asked me all about my dad, seeing that he died of a heart attack at 51.  Asked if I smoke, and I said no, […]

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