A Crisis in Midlife

I’m being laid out by a serious funk lately.  It’s strange … it just sort of descended on me out of the blue.  A week ago, I really was pretty fine, frazzled as usual, but chugging along with fairly good cheer.  And then a few days ago it was like this cloud descended on me […]

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Another One Bites the Dust

I wrote not long ago that in my ongoing quest for inclusive activities for Finn, I had enrolled him in a karate class. Today I broke up with them. So, it lasted about a month. I had such high hopes, as I do every time I’ve found a new activity for him to be a […]

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You, too, can homeschool your child.

There are a lot of assumptions and misguided notions about homeschooling that I’m faced with pretty regularly.  So, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the most common ones. I think probably the number one idea I run into about homeschooling is the one about how educated a person needs to be […]

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We All Feel Like Crap About Ourselves

I went to a swimsuit store in the mall today to buy a swimsuit.  This is the third swimsuit I’ve bought since I had my mommy makeover six months ago.  I’m having trouble finding one that I like – one that I feel good in.  You would think that after my surgery, I’d be cheerfully […]

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There has been an influx of new administration in our school district as of this year, including new vice principals and new principals at several of our schools.  With these new personnel have come new policies, or in some cases, the sudden enforcement of policies that have apparently been in place for some time but […]

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On Acceptance and Being a Travel Guide

I came across this video a couple of days ago when I was killing time on Buzzfeed.  Maybe you’ve seen it (it’s been watched over a million times).  It’s a short video of a dad reacting to his young son choosing an Ariel doll at the toy store.  The dad’s reaction?  “YEAH!”  In the video, […]

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The Ups and Downs of Homeschooling

Well, this homeschooling thing is kind of kicking my ass. Don’t get me wrong – I am glad I am doing this.  The benefits are tangible.  But it’s not easy.  I imagine it’s not always easy for most parents who homeschool, but I also imagine that making the switch from school-away-from-home to homeschooling, as opposed […]

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Things I’ve Done Lately

I gave my three older girls’ bedroom a makeover.  I had been promising them for at least a year that we would redo their room, as it’s had the same pink, flowery look since I first decorated it ten years ago when the twins were mere infants and Lilah wasn’t even thought of yet.  I […]

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First Week of School: a Recap

Finn started first grade last Monday.  It hit me hard over that weekend how many changes he would be dealing with: new teacher, new aide, new classroom, new playground, new rules, and longer school days.  I suddenly felt like we were about to throw him to the wolves, and I kind of went into panic […]

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