Post-IEP High

This afternoon we had Finn’s annual IEP meeting which would serve to determine his placement for kindergarten in the upcoming school year. I was given a copy of the draft IEP that had been written a few days ago, and there were some things in it that made it appear that the district would once […]

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Down Syndrome In Our Midst

Usually when I write about Finn or Down syndrome, I write with the unconscious assumption that most people who will read it are people who have followed my blog for a long time and are familiar with our family and how Down syndrome plays out for us.  That last post, though, about the r-word, made […]

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On two separate occasions this week, “retarded” was casually flung at me by two different people.  One was a stranger, someone I had just met, and we were having a serious discussion about something, and BAM, there it was.  ”They think we’re retarded!” She said.  The other was someone I care very much about, and […]

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Kids and Mental Health

How would you react if your nine-year old child asked you if she could see a therapist? I admit that when Daisy brought it up a few days ago, I was a little surprised.  “Do you know what a therapist is?” I asked her. “Well, it’s someone you can talk to when you’re feeling really […]

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Raising Kids To Think For Themselves (and the winner of the book giveaway!)

It’s not uncommon to see in my Facebook news feed friends and acquaintances posting photos of their kids Accepting Jesus Christ and being baptized.  I live in an extremely predominantly Christian community – mainly of the Evangelical orientation, where kids are baptized when they’re a little older rather than as infants.  Apparently, their particular interpretation […]

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Shake It Up, Baby

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the earthquake that hit in California last night!  Yep, a 5.1 centered just a mile or two north of our home sweet home.  We had a couple of minor foreshocks earlier in the evening, one of them which I didn’t even feel (but Michael did), and then around 9 […]

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Scarlett is 21 months old

This little girl . . . she is something else. When she was an infant she reminded me very much of Joey as an infant because they shared the same temperamental disposition.  Now she reminds me a lot of Annabelle – full of fun and mischief, and into everything.  Always looking for the next good […]

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World Down Syndrome Day

The following was originally posted last year on World Down Syndrome Day.  Reposting because it still holds true. ___________________ Today, March 21, marks the ninth annual World Down Syndrome Day, a day now recognized by the United Nations as a day of awareness and celebration of Down syndrome all over the world. There is a […]

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