On Acceptance and Being a Travel Guide

I came across this video a couple of days ago when I was killing time on Buzzfeed.  Maybe you’ve seen it (it’s been watched over a million times).  It’s a short video of a dad reacting to his young son choosing an Ariel doll at the toy store.  The dad’s reaction?  “YEAH!”  In the video, […]

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The Ups and Downs of Homeschooling

Well, this homeschooling thing is kind of kicking my ass. Don’t get me wrong – I am glad I am doing this.  The benefits are tangible.  But it’s not easy.  I imagine it’s not always easy for most parents who homeschool, but I also imagine that making the switch from school-away-from-home to homeschooling, as opposed […]

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Things I’ve Done Lately

I gave my three older girls’ bedroom a makeover.  I had been promising them for at least a year that we would redo their room, as it’s had the same pink, flowery look since I first decorated it ten years ago when the twins were mere infants and Lilah wasn’t even thought of yet.  I […]

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Back to (Home)School

I went to our elementary school yesterday morning to see the class lists that were posted.  Finn will be my only kid attending there this year, and we already know which class he’ll be in beginning tomorrow (!!), but I was still curious about who his classmates will be, and which teachers have been shuffled […]

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Waxing Melancholy

My kids go back to school next week.  I have mixed feelings about it: on the one hand, I’m ready to throttle them half the time for the near constant bickering, whining, and complaining (spare me the tales of your perfect kids, please), and on the other hand, I am filled with melancholy.  Where does […]

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Five Nights In a Strange Bed and Other Tales From Summer

No, I have not given up blogging.  I’ve just been necessarily neglectful because summer break always seems to ramp up the busy-ness around here, despite my expectations every year that “break” will actually mean things slowing down. Anyway, I’m not complaining.  Amidst all the kids’ hectic summer activity, I’ve managed a lot of reading, a […]

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All or Nothing

Less than two weeks ago, a young white man went into a black church and, after sitting among the parishioners for an hour, drew a gun and opened fire, killing nine people.  It’s being called “The Charleston Church Massacre,” and it was racially motivated.  He killed those people because – and only because – they […]

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Annabelle’s Hair: An Update

I’ve received a smattering of emails lately from moms of little girls with hair-pulling issues, wondering how Annabelle is doing.  It’s been more than a year since I wrote an update.  At that time, it seemed that she had stopped pulling – after having pulled for a good seven or eight years – and her […]

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Topsy Turvy World

You’ve no doubt heard about Rachel Dolezal by now – the president of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP who has been outed by her white parents as a white woman, despite the fact that she has been living as a black woman and claiming black identity for about the past decade.  The world […]

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