Dirty Laundry

I know – I haven’t blogged for a while.  I miss you, too.  Life has been just go, go, go this summer (which comes to a screeching halt in two and a half weeks!), and at the end of the day all I have the energy for is to curl up with a book.  But […]

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Look Who’s Six

Birthday season is in full swing at our house.  Yesterday Finn turned six. I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write about Finn.  It seems that so much of the time when I write about him, I’m writing about Down syndrome.  It’s true that Finn and Down syndrome are inexorably intertwined, but he’s a boy […]

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Joey turned 12 today.  I’ll refrain from the usual remarks about how quickly time flies.  (But, wow, doesn’t it?) Twelve years and almost a day ago, in the wee hours of the morning, this boy came into the world screaming, and I swear he didn’t stop for a year.  Of course, the photos from his […]

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Words Escape Me

We’re into the fifth week of summer break already.  This has by far been the busiest summer we’ve had, and if I didn’t live and breathe by the calendar, I doubt I’d know what day it was.  It’s good and it’s exhausting.  How we went from a family that did very few extracurricular activities to […]

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Scarlett’s 2.

Two years have passed since that warm summer evening when Scarlett joined our family.  Just in the last month or two, she has started seeming less a baby and more a little girl.   She’s a firecracker, full of mischief and giggles.  Irresistible, this one.   Happy birthday, baby girl.

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I realize I’m fighting a losing battle.

Several months went by and the trolls stayed away, but they seem to be back.  This, of course, stems from new life recently being breathed into the thread GOMI created about yours truly.   Danielle, I must say, you seem to have a very personal interest in me, too. I’d like to say a few […]

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Dang, GOMI.

I was really bummed this morning when I went to check my stats over at GOMI and discovered that I’m still stuck at 12 pages.  Have they grown bored with me already?  Say it ain’t so! Not only did I want to check my stats, I . . . well, I also wanted to check […]

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Parenting Single-Handedly

Michael has been gone since Sunday morning.  After all the times he’s been in the hospital and away on business, you would think this would hardly be worth mentioning.  The difference this time is that he took Kevin with him – the two of them are camping up in King’s Canyon amid the majestic Sequoias.  […]

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On Father’s Day

I miss my dad.  He’s often in my thoughts, but especially on certain days every year, like the anniversary of his death, his birthday (which also marks the anniversary of when we scattered his ashes in the ocean), and Father’s Day. Growing up, I pined for the sort of father that Father’s Day was supposed […]

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